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Booggz – Sorry For Tha Wait

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On 4.6. 2021. Booggz dropped his new single “Sorry for Tha Wait” on his YouTube channel.

He introduced the song by stating, “Father Figure is on the way” and thanked the fans for their support and patience.

Booggz finds a perfect way to sound cool and original, but at the same time have a mainstream sound.

The song’s flow is really something different, and the icy lyrics add some spice to the whole story. 

The song is indeed the one that you could be stuck on for days, listening to all the dope bars the rapper spits.

The rapper’s talent is undeniable, and the world is just catching on to him recently, but the rapper definitely deserves the attention.

Father Figure the Album

Fans are eagerly waiting for his full-length album titled “Father Figure”, which was set to be released in 2020, but the fans have not been satisfied so far.

The name “Father Figure” represents his status as one of the new shapers of the Toronto music scene.

It is not clear if the song “Sorry for tha wait” is just a thank you note for his fans or it represents the start of the “Father Figure” era.

However, fans are satisfied that they got some fresh music from the artist since “From Toronto with Love” got their hopes up for the new album.

Check out Booggz’s new song and music video above on this page.

If you are ready for “Father Figure”, leave a comment in the comment section below.

Quotable lyrics:

“They want you doing good, not great,

I still love ya bro I don’t hate

this a yacht not a boat different shape,

we remote, fuck a bitch turn up late,

she a milf but her ass is shaped

Its her birthday I got cake.”