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Burna Bandz – Win ft. Why G & J Neat

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Burna Bandz Ft. Why G & J Neat – Win

A fresh video was released on Burna Bandz YouTube channel on 29. 10. 2021.

Toronto-based rapper Burna Bandz in collaboration with Why G and J Neat, dropped a video for the song “Win.”

All three rappers are widely known and considered one of the most prominent Teoronto’s rappers.

They represent the independent Blue Feather Records and Up Top Movement rosters, one of the most popular underground labels in the Toronto scene.

Burna Bandz previously released three albums: “North boy,” “Don’t play with fire,” and “Compact Burna.”

Burna Bandz is a specialist at producing successful singles.

During his career, he has amassed millions upon millions of streams.

His latest song is a collaboration with Why G and J Neat, two artists who are also creative magicians releasing some fresh stuff lately.

“Win” is a bouncy song with the rapper’s voice rolling in a playful flow.

The video follows the guys around different closed and open-air locations.

It’s spiced up with some interesting visual effects and hot girls.

Behind a loud rushing percussion rhythm, the song incorporates dramatic synths and samples.

The rappers drop the verses about their game in a unique style, expressing their confidence through every rhyme.

Burna Bandz, Why G and J Neatmake a great rapping trio, connecting to each other’s verses perfectly.

Nevertheless, each of them brings their personal spice to the story.

Check out the video above and express your thoughts about the rapper’s new video in the comments.

You can follow the rappers on Instagram:

Burna Bandz: @burnagotdawass

Why G: @whyg35

J Neat: @jneat2x

Quotable lyrics:

“Took the plug down, heard he want my head (Want my head)

Go ask around, bitch, I’m the man

No time on my hands, just bands

And I’m knee deep in, quicksand.”