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Casper TNG, A Unique Downtown Toronto Rapper

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Nickname: Casper TNG, The Neighbourhood Ghost

Name: Sharrieff Muhammad

Birthplace: Toronto, Canada


Sharrieff Muhammad, known for his stage name Casper TNG is a Canadian rapper who started his rap career after listening to his father’s music. Apart from his father, he got inspired by Drake and Gucci Mane.

He recorded his first single, “ Dope Boy,” in 2014, and he got instantly lucky because the music video went viral. People instantly got hooked on Casper’s interesting flow, and he knew how to please the crowd.

However,  as soon as he went viral, he got imprisoned for 15 days on robbery and other charges. He released his single “Know Me” while in prison, and the music video is one of his most successful ones.

During the following year, he was featured on Ricky Dred’s EP, and soon after, his hit “ Freeze” entered Hip Hop Canada’s Spotify Playlist and grabbed 5th place.

In 2018 he released “ Have You,” “ Uh Uh,” and “ Splash” before deciding to drop his debut EP “ No Cosign” in 2019. Some rumors say he made the album because Drake refused to cosign him even though he was huge.

In 2019 he released his second EP, “ Detention,” which featured K Money. After that, the rapper was silent for a long time. 

The Toronto rapper was charged with gun violence and was caught after a massive police chase, alongside K Money.

In 2021 he dropped “Umbrellas,” which came as a surprise for his fans who were patiently waiting. The song got a lot of positive reviews, saying that Casper is back and ready to conquer the rap scene.

Check out the music video for “ Umbrellas” above on this page, and leave a comment if you like the remix of the famous song by Rihanna.