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NorthSideBenji, Toronto Rapper, Age, Real Name, Height & Bio

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Nickname: NorthSideBenji, Benji

Name: Jaiden Watson

Place of birth: Brampton, Ontario


NorthSideBenji is a Canadian rapper from Ontario who introduced himself to the rap world in 2016 and quickly rose to fame after a few freestyles and singles.

The hit that definitely distinguished him from the other rappers was “Levels”, featuring Houdini. NorthSideBenji says he will be eternally grateful to Houdini for playing him this track.

North Side started to take music seriously, and he dropped two EPs in 2019, “Caviar Dreams” and “Frienemy”.

He also gained sympathy on the show “Fire in the Booth” because of his undeniable talent and untouchable flow. He even got a chance to join Nines on his third album, “Crabs in a Bucket”, being featured on two songs.

The Canadian rapper has earned the nickname “the king of freestyles’’ because his latest one was viewed 10 milion times. He has a unique personality that you can see in his videos, singles and interviews.

He dropped a new album, “The Extravagant Collection”, in October this year, with 13 songs on it. He dedicated the album to his lost friend Houdini, who was killed last year.

Benji described the album as “exposing his flaws, and accepting demons and Gods.” 

Money Showers” is the first song on the album that got a music video, and it is probably the most popular song on the album.

NorthSideBenji dropped the music video for “How Much She Needs Me”, don’t forget to check it out above on this page.

“How Much She Needs Me” is a track from NorthSideBenji’s album “The Extravagant Collection,” announced number one of the Canadian Charts- All Genres.

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