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PullUp Tae – Time Change

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PullUp Tae Delivers Live Performance of “Time Change”

Maryland rapper PullUp Tae has released a video performance of his single “Time Change”. A chilled out hip-hop song with a strong message about perseverance and strength. Altogether an incredible venture for Tae that makes for an excellent listen. Check out this artist spitting his track on YouTube and see how the grind is paying off for PullUp Tae.

Originally born under the name Demonte Ojinnaka, Pullup Tae spent his childhood in Maryland looking up to his ido Tupac Shakur. Beginning to rap at age 12, Tae used audacity to record his first songs over Lil Wayne instrumentals. Although he considered rap as being a rapper a dream at the time, it was something that burned within him in his early life.

When his mother passed away in 2012, Tae first began to pursue a career in basketball. Being recognized as a top 20 shooting guard in the state of Maryland in 2013, his skills bagged him a Division I scholarship at Indiana State University. However, injuries sustained in his college games forced him to put his passion for hoop aside and focus on the music game.

Since 2019, Pullup Tae has been releasing a steady stream of singles every few months. This culminated in his 2021 full-length project “Why Stop Now”. The 8-track was a serious level-up in the rapper’s style, representing a turning point where Tae’s growth as an artist shows in full force. “Time Change” is another great addition in Tae’s discography, continuing to push himself to be the best he can be.

Pullup Tae Time Change
Pullup Tae – Time Change

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Jijibeats creates a fantastic and vibey instrumental for this record, with a tasteful piano line colouring the mood. PullupTae hits fast and melodic flows on thos song. His lyrics reflect on how his life has grown from his childhood to now. Tae reflects on how different people have come and gone with bars like  “Relationships fall apart they playing mind games”. “I’ve been on my shit I’m trying to reach another level”, and the rapper certainly has with the drop of this track.

Directed by 95 productions, the video for “Time Changed” is a showcase of the rapper’s skill as a performance artist. Despite being exclusively solo shots of Tae rapping, the visual is completely captivating due to the artist’s unique charm. You can easily see the passion Puillup Tae puts into each bar as cooly spits deep in the pocket. A mural of hip-hop greats lit by coloured LEDs along the ceiling makes the space he performs in is equally cool. Simple in its concept, but flawless in its execution.

Pullup Tae is on Instagram, where he is continuing to drop excellent new music. “Time Change” is found on all streaming platforms right now, we definitely recommend you give it a listen.