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Acito – Dead Man ft. Young Iggz

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Acito Puts Out Music Video for “Dead Man” Featuring Young Iggz

Acito has dropped the video for his second album single “Dead Man”, featuring fellow Stockton rapper Young Iggz. An old school hip-hop feel permeates the distinctly modern flows and beat, this newest offering from the Californian artist cements him as someone you should definitely watch out for in the future.

The young artist has been a prolific music maker, this newest track coming as merely the latest in a long list of singles and albums. Acito’s 2020 debut song “72 Bars” currently sits at a cool 1.3 million plays on Spotify, with other songs cracking a milli or close to it including “Still Jumpin’”, “Stockton” and “100k”. His latest LP “Undefeated” runs just under 39 minutes with a flurry of hard-hitting rap tracks, preceded early this year by the “High Tide” and “Low Tide” EPs. Clearly the rapper and father is hungry and the constant stream of new songs will surely keep him eating. He is also the cousin of lil1700adrian, who features several times on this record as well as through the rest of his discography

He is joined on this song by Young Iggz, who has also been seeing great success in the Hip-Hop world. Iggz currently has two albums “Mind of a Wicked Goon” and “Wicked Ways of a Ryda”, both released in 2021 with the promise of even more on the way. When the duo get together on this track, the bars start flying in this guaranteed hit.

Acito Dead Man

Acito – Dead Man ft. Young Iggz

Stockton Represents in this High Energy Banger

“Dead Man” opens hard and fast with a pitched up soul sample coming in the left channel and an ascending piano line in the right, underscored by a hard hitting 808. The instrumental is completed by a super subtle hi hat and snare that leaves plenty of room for the artists to show us their bars. Acito starts things off with absolutely frigid bars about the realities of a killer (“While you cryin’/ he decayin’”). Young Iggz jumps in with lines about executing snitches, the two then begin trading bars with both coming absolutely at the top of their game on this song.

Stewy Film’s expert direction helps to guide the feel of this video. Taking place entirely at night, we see the two rappers in a variety of locations including a smoke shop, doing donuts in a lot while being cheered by onlookers, and spitting at a mic in a completely black room (except for the light of their posse’s phones). Tied together expertly with transitions resembling reel-to-reel film, the music video has an extremely realistic texture that compliments the real-world experiences the bars are most certainly inspired by.

Peep Acito and Young Iggz Instagrams to stay locked in with their latest tracks. If you like “Dead Men” we recommend checking out the rest of Acito’s new album, out now on all platforms.