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Lehla Samia – Call On Me

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Lehla Samia’s “Call on me” new music video is out now!  The song is a party jam that will get you grooving and wanting to dance as soon as you hear it!

Just a month ago, this wonderful young artist Lehla Samia released her video for the song Call on me.

The song is on her official YouTube channel, and in such a short time, the song has already achieved great reactions from the audience, but also an incredible more than 1,880,000 views.

If you are preparing for summer and listening to good music that moves you to the game, then Lehla’s song is just that.

“Call on Me” finds the singer crafting a hypnotizing blend of hip-hop vibes and soulful hooks that serve as the perfect backdrop for her seductive delivery. 

She shooting the video outdoors, showing one cabriolet ride reminiscent of the summer joy. This wonderful singer completely delighted her fans with her attractive appearance and clothing combination in the video and beautified them this summer with this song, in addition to the shots with the convertible, the second part of the video shots from a summer party.

When the song came out, the singer addressed her audience on Instagram with one emotional message: I can’t believe I’m finally typing this… My debut single and first official video ‘‘Call on me’’ drops tomorrow at 12 pm. Can’t wait for you all to hear my very first single ’’.

In addition to addressing the audience on her Instagram profile, Lehla is very active on the social network TikTok, where she is followed by over one million and three hundred followers. Lehla publishes the highest videos on her TikTok profile as she sings or plays, following all the trends of this social network.

With this song, Lehla introduced herself to the audience for the first time through her debut video, for which she invested a lot of time, effort, and money. The audience can see that the video was made by a superior production company and is highly qualified. The video follows the trends, but it also highlights this artist and her singing in the foreground.

Incredible vocal abilities and that soul in the voice make this song very easy to listen to and remember, and the audience desires to listen to it more and more. You can also hear her vocal abilities when she records a short video for TikTok.

For all who are not, but also those who are, we recommend that you be sure to play this summer hit, which is already heard on all platforms and only increases the number of views.

Below you can enjoy parts of the text from her song:

You’re the one for me
Baby, you’re the one for me
You’re the one for me
Baby, you can call, baby, you call on me
Boy, I promise
I know for sure that you’re the one
You’re the one for me
You’re the one for me
Baby, you can call on me