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Moula 1st – Funeral ft. Roney, Gutta, SheSoCrayz & Pvrx

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Moula 1st Represents the Toronto Scene with New Single Funeral 

Moula 1st drops Funeral on August 31, 2022, featuring Roney, Gutta, SheSoCrayz and Pvrx. This song is straight fire. Each collaborator when hard on their verse, and the beat was crazy. Hands down, these artists came together to create a work of art.

Moula 1st Funeral

Moula 1st – Funeral

Toronto Representation

Moula 1st is a well-known Toronto rapper, performer, and producer. He started his career in 2010 and continues to release tracks and music videos. Alongside Moula 1st, Funeral features Toronto rappers Roney and Pvrx. Roney and Pvrx are well-known Toronto rappers who’ve significantly impacted the city’s music scene. To see all these rappers come together to represent Toronto at Canada’s Wonderland is a monumental moment for Canadian rap music fans. Let’s not forget that Moula 1st wears a Canadian Goose in 30 degrees weather in the music video, making sacrifices to represent the nation further. 

Each artist featured on the track pulls out all the stops to make this song a hit. When it comes to effortless hooks, Moula 1st has it in the bag when he says, “funeral, all black, 3-peat, beautiful, I’m in too deep, I keep a pole, Compact gg, I see my soul, race car GT. UFO, come home with me. Might overdose. I go OD. So beautiful, she dance to the beat. He didn’t know; I’m mike 23.” This hook is smooth and bumps along to the beat of the song. Also, shout out to SheSoCrayz, when she says, “yeah, I’m a girl, but I’m letting it blow,” breaking the barriers for gender norms. 

Funeral is a bumping song and a perfect vibe to end the summer. Make sure you listen to this track by clicking the YouTube video linked above and give Moula 1st, Roney, Gutta, SheSoCrayz, and Pvrx a follow on Instagram.