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Double Lz – Out In The O

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Double Lz drops out a new visual for the song “Out In The O”!

Rising star Double Lz made his audience happy these days and released the visual for the song Out In The O. In a few days; the song was viewed by over half a million people and liked by over 16 thousand. The song conquered the Internet with incredible speed and brought the audience to their feet. The video is on the official DoubleLz Vevo YouTube channel.

Visual was by Leon Matthews. Andre Deer, known as Double Lz, made an energetic and strong visual that accompanied the song’s lyrics. The rapper gathers his crew and enjoys a crazy motorcycle ride together. Speeding scenes are combined with scenes of rapping and dancing in the street. The rapper maintained brutally good energy until the end of the video and powerfully threw out rhymes until the last sound.

The rapper’s voice and the speed of the beats add intensity to the song and bring a great vibe. A stunning female vocal in the first bars of the song makes the audience want to keep listening to the song until the end. Interestingly, the melodic part in the female vocals repeats throughout the song without interfering with the strong beats in Double Lz’s voice.

Before he started dropping solo tracks, Double Lz was a member of the Uk Drill group OFB. He started his solo career with the single Spillings, which he released in 2018.

Before releasing the visual, Double Lz uploaded a trailer of the visual to his channel. With these promotional materials, he also announced his first song. He achieved great success with the first song, which is probably expected for the song Out In The O. Out In The O, is his second drop after his debut single, Lively, which almost 3 million people have viewed in the 3 months since it was on YouTube.

The artist is working full-throttle on his songs, so just a few hours ago, he released his latest visual for the song The Beginning.

As the media reports, the young rapper and Bandokay were accused of violent behavior in 2021. This only inspired and motivated him to continue to release new and better music content and tell his story through music.

The artist’s popularity is constantly growing, and after each published new visual, he gets an increasing number of his audience. On his Instagram profile, the rapper promotes his music projects but also publishes good photos both from recording the video and from some parties where he relaxes.

If you want to follow his interesting content on Instagram, follow his profile, which has almost half a million followers.

Click on the link below, and watch the new visual for the song Out In The O. Write how you like the new video and which visual is better first or second.

Read part of the lyrics below:

Got my fan say, “Is that how you’re comin’ now?”
Dick down your gyal from the back (Woo, woo), have her cummin’ now
Is she runnin’ now? (Woo), bring the brucky out (Woo)
‘Fore we find him out, watch how we done him out (Bo-bo, bo-bo)