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LOWERCASE – Couch Psyche

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LOWERCASE Unleashes New Single “Couch Psyche”

Scarborough’s own LOWERCASE has come out with another new hitter track, this one goes by the name “Couch Psyche”. An introspective and thoughtful hip-hop track that will speak to your soul, this artist captures a true higher level with this bold and experimental song. Tap into “Couch Psyche” and see exactly what’s going on in Toronto.

LOWERCASE was once known by the name jJ, beginning to release tracks on SoundCloud with his creative collective WRNG CRWD. No stranger to the rap game, his first release was 7 years ago on that website. Of course, this was only the start for this young artist, releasing music non-stop alongside his label-mates Be and SELF. The trio create a powerful team, but LOWERCASE is equally devastating on his own. With the release of their latest project “Pilot Episode”, LOWERCASE has once again raised the bar for himself and created an astonishing LP.

Influences on this artist come from all genres. From Jay-Z and Kanye, to alternative rock groups like Asian Kung-Fu Generation, the result is a vulnerable and irreplicable style that shines on this latest track. Definitely not one you can miss

LOWERCASE Couch Psyche

LOWERCASE – Couch Psyche

Raised on Pain

The beat for “Couch Psyche” alone is something to behold, with the extremely bold choice of absolutely no percussion. A gorgeous soul sample passes through a filter that creates the feeling of swimming, LOWERCASE enters the song with unreasonably well-written bars that are spat in an old-school hip-hop style. “I just hope you ain’t food to the feast” the rapper writes, seeming to address himself in this track. A break in the middle gives to a spoken word passage about self love, coming after verses of self doubt. With lyrics filled with honesty and confession, the record feels like a classic in the making. LOWERCASE is really on to something special with this one.

The visuals for this song are equal with the track’s creativity and somber mood. Reeleye’s direction moves with a clear auteur’s eye, each shot having a purpose and each moment lending to the larger themes of the record. LOWERCASE begins in a small home, it’s not clear if he lives here or if it is a couch to crash on in troubled times. Time passes as the rapper goes about his daily life, confessing his lyrics to the camera. During the spoken passage, he addresses the mirror in the bathroom that reflects a friend of his back at him. One of the most challenging moments in the video, it comes across beautifully and stays in your mind long after it’s over. This is the absolute work of a visionary artist. Experience this video for yourself, it really is an amazing piece.

LOWERCASE is on instagram, posting great collections from photoshoots and of course keeping you up to date on his latest projects. “Couch Psyche” is out on all platforms along with the rest of “Pilot Episode”. Give it a listen!