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Get To Know NSY RoRo

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Name: Rohan

Nickname: NSY Roro

Place of birth: Toronto, Canada

Nsy Roro is an upcoming musician from Toronto, Canada, and he released his first song this year.

His first single is called “ Everywhere”, and it was an instant hit because it went live on I Heart Radio.

The 15-year-old rapper says he is very passionate about music and will blow up by the time he reaches 16.

After “Everywhere”, the young rapper promised to “go crazy” with new songs, and he didn’t lie.

Soon he released “Games”, which has around 3K views on YouTube.

His song “ Hit the Scene” showed how much versatility the young rapper has, and even though his main genre is hip-hop, we can see bits of indie, rock and pop.

Even though the rapper is very young, he has a mature voice that delivers more than solid bars on every song.

His “ Heavy Metal Freestyle” reminds us of Eminem, and we love Roro rides this beat; the bars on this song show off his true potential.

We got to more songs by Nsy Roro that are worth mentioning, “Christmas Shawty” and “ Gary Coleman”.

“ Christmas Shawty” has a more chill vibe, and it is a song that you could listen to all day.

“ Gary Coleman” is a song that you should put on your playlist, the flow is amazing, and there is no need to say that we can’t keep up with the fast bars.

NSY Roro brings a fresh new vibe of the new generation of rappers, but at the same time, sticks to the principles of old-school rappers.

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Check out the “Heavy Metal Freestyle” by Nsy Roro above on this page.

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