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GizzleStarrMade – Take Me ft. J Noble

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GizzleStarrMade – Take Me ft. J Noble

On 2.12.2021. GizzleStarrMade dropped a music video for his track on his YouTube channel.

Toronto’s rising star joined forces with J Noble and created this bouncy & emotional track a a while ago.

They took their time to create the video, and finally, we got a chance to enjoy this great song on our screens which is titled “Take Me”.

The video raises the production level higher than ever, letting us know that GizzleStarrMade doesn’t plan to stop delivering his juicy treats.

The song is catchy and uplifting but very emotional at the same time, giving us a glimpse into the rapper’s heart and soul.

With the melancholy piano melody at the beginning, the song develops into a powerful confession of the rapper’s hard life and his fight to stay strong. 

Regardless of the underlying melancholy, the song resonates with power, reminding us to hold our ground even when they try to break us.

Although the rapper sings how he’s “numb and tired and just feel worthless,” we can still hear the strength and optimism that overcomes the song’s hard feelings. 

While GizzleStarrMade leads the song with his vigorous voice, J Noble jumps in with over-the-phone versus, which reminds of the old school rap atmosphere and emphasizes the song’s emotions.

The fans’ feedback is already great, which shows that the song stuck with them all this time and kept them anticipating the video.

We are excited about the upcoming work of the artist.

If you want to follow GizzleStarrMade and keep up with his work, check out his Instagram page:

Quotable lyrics:

“Trying to survive in this cold world

They want me gone, but I won’t fail.”

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