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HeartBreakKris – Stop Calling

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HeartBreakKris releases a new visual for Stop Calling!

In recent months, HeartBreakKris has been very active in new projects. He released a new visual for the song Stop Calling a few days ago. The video is on his official profile. In the 2 weeks since the visual was posted on his channel, over 10,000 people watched it.

HeartBreakKris, since he introduced himself to the audience, easily won over the audience with his authentic sound, which is a real refreshment of this music scene. The song Stop Calling is a summer story with love lyrics and light music. As a mini-introduction for the whole story at the beginning, the Flamenco guitar is an excellent combination of a Latin sound with an urban rap beat.

Taireque directed the video, and Andrewshots shot. He shot the visuals in Miami locations, where this talented rapper currently lives. He made great use of the streets of Miami to convey summer energy and create enticing content. Shots from the beach alternate with shots of an evening drive through the city’s streets. The story is briefly interrupted by an interesting conversation with a friend, and he continues rapping to the accompanying rhythm that sets him off.

HeartBreakKris introduced himself to the audience a year ago with his first song, for which he also made a visual. The song is called On My Grind. This successfully marketed song was followed by his remix of the Lil Baby song Emotionally Scared. After a short break where the rapper was preparing new music material, he came out with a new visual and the song Ain’t Blind. This song has been watched by over 45 thousand people who have sent many nice comments.

His style is reflected in the combination of urban rap trends and light Latin rhythm. In the last two songs, Como Te Llamas and the song Stop Calling, he introduced a Latin sound at the beginning of the songs, which made him recognizable. It is precise because of such a brutal combination that his songs differ from other artists and push the boundaries of the sound of rap music. The audience recognizes his creativity, authenticity, and beautiful lyrics, so each of the subsequent songs he publishes has an increasing number of views on YouTube.

When the song was released, he posted a cover photo on his Instagram profile, informed his followers, and invited them to watch the new visual. In addition to the photo, these days, the rapper also shared a video from the song Stop Calling but also boasted about his success. In one post, he wrote that his song Ain’t Blind already has 100,000 views on the Spotify platform.

If you haven’t had a chance, check out the link below for the Stop Calling visual and write in the comments how you like that Latin sound that the rapper has started to introduce into his new songs.

Read part of the lyrics for Stop Calling below:

I can’t be trusting i came from gutter got

Some new paint filling load up the cutter

I know they but to me ain’t matter the’re talking on socials 

but real, If they started gooing, if i post my location, i’ve been gone