Lil D – Again


On 22.9.2021. Lil D’s crew dropped a music video for his song “Again.”

The music video was definitely shot a long time ago, before the death of the young rapper.

They wrote in the bio: “Lil D’s Legacy Will Forever Live On !” paying tribute to the young rapper and his talent.

The bars on “Again” are really good, and you need to listen to them a couple of times to get the message.

Lil’D is the goat when it comes to cool bars, and he never misses a beat.

The one thing that you will enjoy the most in this song is the flow; you just have to pay attention.

Some people say that Lil Bucky used this beat one time, even if it is the same beat Lil D gave it his personality.

Lil D has been promoted on billboards on Times Square and social media by various rappers; people miss him for sure.

The 22-year-old rapper had many projects on the way, and he had a lot to give to the community.


One of the projects is his album “DRAE,” with features from Houdini, Northsidebenji, J Neat, and Diizzy.

All of the rappers above did a great job on the album, their voices, and bars matched perfectly.

“DRAE” is like a joint album that celebrates how much talent the Toronto rappers have and that they should have the same respect as the mainstream ones.

It is a sad thing, but “DRAE” really shows the potential the Toronto rapper had, but we still have a lot of his songs to listen to and support.

Check out Lil D’s new song “Again” above on this page.

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