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GizzleStarrMade – Paranoid





On 8.6. 2021. Gizzle dropped a new single called ” Paranoid” on his YouTube channel.

Gizzle is back with another cool music video and a song that you can play on repeat.

The underrated Toronto rapper has shown his true talent and rising potential on this one, giving us those old-school vibes.

The flow of the song is really nostalgic, it is like a blast from the past, and it makes us miss the good old hip-hop.

Gizzle is seen in the music video, which is shot in a movie-like style. His lyrical game is on point, and no one can deny that he can spit some dope rhymes.

The rapper pays tribute to those who came before him, saying: ” Rapping for the ones I lost and the ones that were before me.”

Gizzle also states in the song that he is paranoid because of the gang violence he has seen and the rising fame and glory that came with a cost.

Gizzle owns 2021

This year the rapper has dropped music videos for: ” Blicky,” ” Born to Win,” and ” Caution.”

His art combines good visuals and icy lyrics, which is a winner for this decade.

Gizzle is definitely being noticed this year, and a good album will make him a full package.

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Check out Gizzle’s new music video for ” Paranoid” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics from Paranoid:

” I thought they were my guys,

but the paper came between us, 

now they in the hood, picking sides,

Im just trynna ride, stack this money,

stay alive, forty by my side, niggaz

wanna see me die.”