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LB Spiffy – Same (Audio)

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Get yourselves ready for Lb Spiffy and his latest single, “Same.”

Lb Spiffy, a Canadian superstar in rising, continues to attract more and more new listeners each day –  by introducing us to his music, he got us excited – we can’t wait to see what’s his next move and which song will be better than the previous one.

At this rate, he is on the right way to becoming a huge star – even outside of Canada. With his huge talent, great appearance, and loveable personality he stands out amongst many Toronto artists. Make sure that you remember this name if you are hearing it for the first time – Lb Spiffy is just at the beginning of conquering a wide audience.

Single “Same,” which is 2:28 long and published on 11 March 2021, is his second song which he introduces to us this year – right after he released “Jimmy Choo.” Working with Joe Laporta – who did the mastering, and Tony Parker – who produced the song, Lb Spiffy put this project on a whole other level – so make sure you check it out and get ready to enjoy it.

This young megastar is already racking up millions of views on YouTube, and his songs “My Phone” and “I Love My Gang” rapidly became anthems for a huge crowd in Toronto. So let’s make some noise for this outstanding young artist and his newly released single “Same.”

This song represents the uniqueness of Lb Spiffy, as he carries out everything on a high level. His environment and life made him who he is today, and he is making sure that he’s putting all of that experience into making his great musical legacy.

Make sure that you follow the work of Lb Spiffy and stream his music on all available platforms.