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LNC Grind – Live and Learn

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LNC Grind Releases His New Music Video For Song ‘Live And Learn’

On 18 September 2021, 6ixBuzz Premiers partnered with LNC Grind on releasing the music video of ‘Live And Learn.’ The Toronto based rapper has been working hard to establish their worth as they are enriched with talent. Hence, 6ixBuzz Premieres are helping them achieve it by giving them shoutouts. 

The music video represents a usual regular theme of rap videos. The video is aesthetic and appears to attract teenagers to listen to it. 

The music is wonderful and is a blend of pop and hip hop. The track starts with slow music but eventually takes the beat, and it is a whole dope vibe. 

The video is the depiction of a teenager thinking and what it is like to grow up. Things change once you grow up, so you should have an attitude to face that. 

The best and most influential lyrics that let you vibe more are 

“From where you live and learn,

From where the tables gon turn.”

About Grind

LNC Grind is just starting his music career. He has released a few songs now but has been able to make a name for himself. He has so much to achieve ahead. 

He comes from a place called Malvern located in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada.

His last song, ‘Trap,’ was also wonderful. He sticks to his style of rapping and comes with different music as well as music videos. 

You can also find him on Apple Music as “LNC Grind”.

If you find his work unique go check out his socials and support him to release more songs. 

Follow him on Instagram if you fell in love with his music, to stay updated at @grindlnc_official 

Also, listen to this song at 6ixBuzz Premieres YouTube channel.