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777 Tommy Releases Latest Single “Nothing New”

Toronto seems to be a breeding ground for talented hip-hop artists, with 777 Tommy continuing to prove this trend with his latest song “Nothing New”. This hot new track from the Toronto artist is an exceptional trap single that innovates and invigorates.

777 Tommy has been releasing a steady stream of projects since his debut. The first single by the rapper, “No Love”, came out on Valentine’s day in 2021 and currently sits at a whopping 135 thousands listens on Spotify. “Nothing New” is the young rapper’s fifth song overall and second of 2022, following up April’s “Cold World”. Moreover the artist’s YouTube channel has also been popping off, with over 800,000 plays across all the music videos he has posted. A rising star in the Toronto scene to be sure.

“Nothing New” is an aggressive and stylish song that continues to progress on the artistry 777 Tommy has been building so far, with this track being a solid step forward in the rapper’s career.



Andrew Wiggins with the Stick

Production work by Manzz really makes this track’s instrumental pop hard. A mysterious tone is hit with the reversed sample that forms the basis for this song, with hi hats panned to one side and thick 808s forming a bed for 777 Tommy to easily cruise on. His bars come across as melodic and catchy, with aggressive lyrics like “stupid trying to bring his hands to a gun fight” and “you see me outside don’t approach me cuz you know I keep it with me”. The singing makes the undeniably aggressive lyrics hit even harder, and the contrast proves devastating as the track progresses.

Killer Bee is in the director’s chair of this music video, capturing images from throughout the Toronto area. 777 Tommy is seen rapping in many unique locations, including in front of an ice cream truck with a slushy in hand. Images of a “Jane” street sign further cement the artist as a representative of his community. The rapper is also seen in a completely black and smoke filled room, delivering lines while members of his crew cheer him on from all sides.

Tap in with 777 Tommy on Instagram to catch the latest on his music drops and see candid pictures of him hanging around Toronto. “Nothing New” is out now on all platforms, and we encourage you to check it out!