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Moula 1st – You Can’t Face Me Hours (Wants & Needs Remix)

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Toronto artist Moula 1st releases new music video “You Can’t Face Me Hours (Wants & Needs Remix).”

Born and raised in Rexdale, a neighborhood in Toronto, Moula 1st – a rising star in the Hip-Hop/Rap music scene – released a new music video called “You Can’t Face Me Hours (Wants & Needs Remix).” In his music, you can feel a strong bond with his community – and if you listen to his songs more carefully, you’ll understand the deep meaning of what he’s sharing. 

He started his career in 2010 and gained popularity steadily. The song that really put his name out in public was the “We in Da Hood” remix. Today we can say that Moula 1st is one of the most consistent artists in Toronto – as he releases his projects with much planning.

The Hip-Hop/Rap music genre performer and producer, Moula 1st, is gaining appreciation from his fans each day, and the year 2020 helped him much in that – while keeping him busy with wrapping up new projects that he planned for us in the following year.

This music video is the newly released project from Moula 1st after he dropped the “Should’ve Ducked Too” single that he did in collaboration with Osama. The music video premiered on March 19, 2021, and since then, it has around 50k views on YouTube.

This music video represents the uniqueness of Moula 1st because of him carrying out everything on a high level. His environment and existence in a community he grew up in made him who he is today, and through his music, he’s showing the spirit of that environment.

Check out the “You Can’t Face Me Hours (Wants & Needs Remix)” music video above, make sure to follow Moula 1st, and stream his songs on all available platforms.