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Nefew – 4’s N Faygos

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Watch out for the new official video for the song 4’s N Faygos by Nefew

Nefew made his fans happy again when he announced his new project a few days ago. The official video premiere for the song 4’s N Faygos was on the 1st of August, and in 20 days, the song already has a lot of great comments and almost 300 thousand views. The visual is on Nefew’s official YouTube channel. We are sure that this song will become one of his most listened to songs.

The rapper is the leading actor in the new visual, through which he wanted to present a new song to the audience by showing the everyday things he does in his private life. While Nefew raps, he shoots us scenes in a supermarket, gas station, and street to present his life. What he particularly emphasized was luxury, which the rapper himself referred to. In addition to expensive cars, we can see how the artist enjoys spilling money on the street and showing his audience how much he has.

And if the song seems easy because the melody in the strings and drums is repeated, Nefew fires off the rhymes with such ease that everyone hums lightly. The rapper was stringing the verses to the song’s end quickly. What is exciting and what the audience immediately notices is the effect of the camera swaying, so each scene sways as the camera moves, and a kind of ripple effect is achieved.

Before making the official video, the rapper released the song 4’s N Faygos as the official audio on his YouTube channel. After the significant reactions of the audience for a month, Nefew also made a visual.

Nefew did not take a break but continued to work hard on his music. The rapper released his biggest project to date just three months ago. On his last album, there were as many as 18 brutal tracks and great collaborations with other artists. The songs that attracted the most to this project are Stick In Da Booth and the O’Jays song.

If you follow Nefew’s Instagram profile, you can notice that this young artist likes to display luxury and money on his profile. In addition to showing money, he pays special attention to photographs in which he shows unique, recognizable jewellery that he wears with enthusiasm as a fashion detail. Luxury cars and money are one of the most shared posts on his profile.

 In addition to photos from private life, the most significant number of posts refer to new music projects. If you are interested in what interesting posts this artist has, follow his Instagram profile and keep up with new posts. 

If you haven’t had a chance to watch the new videos, you have a link on the page. Please tell us how you like Nefew’s new song and visuals in the comments. If you haven’t listened to his last album, you can find it on his official YouTube channel, which has over 28 thousand followers.