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Hoodbaby Peppa – KFM ft. Young Smoke, Hoodbaby Rahrah & OkBrazy

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Hoodbaby Peppa Drops KFM with Young Smoke, Hoodbaby Rahrah & OkBrazy

Rising star in the Toronto rap scene Hoodbaby Peppa has released his newest song “KFM”. With big features from fellow 6ix rappers Young Smoke, Hoodbaby Rarah, and OkBrazy, the track is a super hard banger. Altogether each rapper compliments the style of the others perfectly, making for an absolute hitter of a record. Check out this latest effort from Hoodbaby Peppa right now!

Starting to make music in 2019, the Jane and Finch born artist began with their SoundCloud exclusive “Finch”. Subsequently accumulating over five hundred thousand plays, the song signaled great future success for the young rapper. Since this first drop, Hoodbaby Peppa has stayed consistent with a release coming from the artist every few months. His first full length, “LA MADE A VIBE”, came out in 2021 and also features Hoodbaby Rarah prominently. The Hoodbaby collective is proving to be a force to be reckoned with, this newest track being no different in its top-tier quality.

Joining them on this record are Young Smoke and OkBrazy. These two artists have a similar fast-paced melodic style to the Hoodbabies, and their verses punch up the already great song considerably. By the time the track is over, you will already be hungry for the replay.

Hoodbaby Peppa KFM
Hoodbaby Peppa – KFM ft. Young Smoke, Hoodbaby Rahrah & OkBrazy

Let My Demons Out

Co-production on this track comes from Zeros, 210, and Desro. Subtle percs decorate a beautiful descending piano line, under which the fat 808s drive the track. Hoodbaby Rarah opens up the song with bars about running up the bag and pulling out his demons in moments of strife. Balanced against him, Hoodbaby Peppa locks down the hook with cold lines like “Let my demons out they gon’ kill for me”. As usual, his melodic sense makes the chorus hit hard each time it comes around. Young Smoke takes the next verse, with rapid fire lines continuing to drive the momentum of the record. OkBrazy’s comes in with just a few bars, but they continue to build the tune into something special. Overloaded with talent, “KFM” came out ultra-hard.

Directed by RoyReels, this nighttime video has each rapper featured prominently. They flash piles of $50 and $100 bills at the camera as they rap about capturing the bag. Shots in front of a bright orange sports car add additional flair to the swagger of these artists. Additionally, footage is taken inside a convenience store, where the performances of the rappers prove they can turn up anywhere easily. Overall, the quick cuts and minimal effects in the visual make for an excellent experience. We absolutely recommend checking out this video.

Hoodbaby Peppa, Hoodbaby Rahrah, Young Smoke, an OkBrazy can all be found on Instagram promoting their newest projects. Undeniably, Peppa continues to impress with his high-volume and high-quality output. We look forward to whatever this rapper has coming next.