Paco – Marvelous


The Toronto rapper released a music video for “Marvelous” on 26.8.2021.

With a trippy music video and top of the notch bars, Paco has proven to the community that he is not a basic autotune guy that will fade away very soon.

Paco is skillful, and his growth can be seen through his songs; that is why “Marvelous” is on a whole new level.

The first thing that will catch your eye is the interesting, trap-like style music video, but it still can’t take away the spotlight of his lyrics.

He is throwing bars such as “Niggas ain’t ready for war ,opps pissed, they can’t even thе score,” and teasing the competition.

Paco has been grinding for some time, but he has shown his true potential on “No Manners” and now on “Marvelous.”

Paco has found his way to success, and he will definitely be a household name soon, even beyond the Toronto circles.

If you are into listening to some quality stuff right now, don’t miss out on Paco and his latest hit.


Paco has deleted all of his previous posts on Instagram, leaving only the ones about “Marvelous.”

Is he indicating a new era in his career with this new song?

We can’t say, but a new album should be on the horizon soon, and “Marvelous” is certainly a good starter.

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Quotable lyrics:

“Niggas soft, can’t take a loss

Whip it up, and watch it shock

They got no sticks, so why’d you talk

Now your mama lost it all”