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Peezy – Don’t Call Me Twin

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Peezy drops out a new official video for the song Don’t Call Me Twin

Peezy has a new hit! The premiere of the new official video for the song Don’t Call Me Twin was on August 13, 2022. After only 10 days, the song has over 800,000 views and lots of lovely comments from the audience. The visual is on Peezy’s official YouTube channel. When you watch the song, you will understand why the song became so popular in a short time.

For his latest visual, Peezy decided to shoot all the shots that represent his life, whether it’s performances or some segments of his private life. In this visual, you can enjoy watching footage from the rapper’s performance and how powerful it feels when you see that audience jumping to the beat of your rapper’s songs. To show his beautiful and luxurious life, the rapper paid a lot of attention in the video to money, luxury cars, expensive jewellery, and large and expensive apartments. In addition to these life moments, the audience can see what the recording of songs in the studio and relaxation time looks like when the rapper spends time with his friends.

The music is one powerful movement full of beautiful and extended chords on the piano. The melody that appears in the strings at the beginning of the song will be repeated until the end of the song in different arrangements. Still, with this melody, the rapper will shoot his rhymes lightly, enjoying his freestyle. The rhythm and beat are light, so the text is clearly understood.

While the audience is waiting for the song to be uploaded to Spotify, a gentle warm-up has begun while new visual content is being recorded on TikTok. The song Don’t Call Me Twin is slowly becoming a famous sound on TikTok.

This song was first released on Peezy’s latest album, so after releasing the album on his channel, raper also started releasing the visuals he did for that project. The song Don’t Call Me Twin was the first on the list. The rapper’s latest album, which he released just 10 days ago, is seriously gaining a lot of attention from the audience and an increasing number of views. Peezy’s latest album, Only Build For Diamonds Links, has 19 brutally good tracks. As this is a vast project, several hits have already been released on it, for which the rapper recently released a visual.

Like the rapper’s colleagues, he also shared the cover photo of his latest album on his Instagram profile and shared material with his followers to promote his latest album. The rapper has received thousands of lovely comments from his fans and audience, and everyone is looking forward to his latest album. If you want to see the next song from the album that got a visual, follow the rapper’s Instagram profile.

Click on the link on the page and check out the song Don’t Call Me Twin. Please tell us in the comments how you like this visual and if you have had a chance to listen to the rapper’s latest album these days.