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Jazz Cartier – Rock the Boat ft. KYLE

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Jazz Cartier And KYLE Drop Their Single “Rock The Boat”

On 20.8.2021, Jazz Cartier surprised his fans by dropping a music video for his new single called “Rock the Boat”  

The track features KYLE, who assisted Jazz Cartier to produce this smooth track that portrays the unshatterable bond and amazing chemistry of these two artists. 

The sultry new single has a sick flow, and it uses ingenious wordplay. Wavy instrumental plays in the background, while the rappers eloquently address every outstanding woman they have had in their lives. 

The music video was directed by Jon Primo, and it shows the ups and downs of the intimate relationships of both rappers. Let’s also take a moment to rant passionately about how KYLE keeps the romantic vibes alive in the video. 

If you are craving to hear a Canadian and American artist collab rap song, then you shouldn’t miss out on hearing “Rock The Boat.”

About Him

You may have never heard of Jazz Cartier before, but he is famous for having a unique artistic direction and creating sonically diverse tracks. 

His recent album “The Fleur Print” is his first-ever full-length release. The tracks talk about the rapper’s personal growth and the newfound sense of comfort he felt after moving to Los Angeles. Plus, it’s the first time Cartier has welcomed numerous guests to a project. 

On top of the popular tracks from his album is his song “Cheddar,” which has 4000 views on YouTube. Overall, most listeners say that the best tracks on his album so far are: “Dead or Alive,” “100 roses”, and “Tempted.” 

Jazz Cartier has emerged as a super motivated artist this time. He has ventured beyond music and has launched a men’s skincare brand. He has also modeled an Italian brand. He has a lot to look forward to, and fans hope that he continues rekindling his creative spark to create energetic music. 

Check out his video “Rock The Boat” on Youtube. If you want to listen to more eclectic music from this rapper, follow him on Instagram, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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