DvblM – Bod Gyal Freestyle


On 19.6.2021. Dvblm & 6ixBuzz dropped a music video for the freestyle “ Bod Gyal,” and she did not disappoint.

The rapper did not waste time and dropped a freestyle whose lyrics will spin in your head for days. With phrases like “ Birds stop chirping when I walk in,” she has entered the rap scene.

She throws bars like nobody else, and the video has accumalated 3k views; she deserves the attention and more!

The visuals in the music video are high-quality, and Dvblm is seen in a classroom-like environment.

The rapper is first seen getting detention and then dancing in the hall and the gymnasium.

Even though many music videos are shot in this way, her energy is so insane that you need to go with her flow and fall in love with her cool bars and mad beat.

The comments are going crazy, saying that the beautiful rapper killed it and that she has so much to show.

It is obvious that the girl has talent and swag, and if you are into fresh new Toronto rappers, don’t miss out on her.

Taxin’- New Single

Show some support to the Toronto rapper and check out her new single Taxin’ that was released on 22.7.2021.

If you want to follow Dvblm’s musical journey to success, check out her Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/dvbl_m/.

Check out the new music video for “ Bod Gyal” freestyle above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think this girl is going places.

Quotable lyrics:

“ Shit, it too real, I don’t do this for clout,

 I am a real bitch, I finance from the couch

No long talking, you know what I am about,

from the money in my pockets,

Bitch I am out.”