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On 29.7.2021, Duvy dropped a music video for “Demons” on his YouTube channel.

The visuals are nothing but top-notch, and all the credits for the movie- like music video go to 88 everything.

Duvy’s slowly but surely putting his name out there, and no one can deny his path from a mumble rapper to a self-made artist.

In his new track, he throws bars that reflect his growth; he says, “Deep in the jungle it’s muddy, dived in the water come save me”.

He has finally released a mainstream flow that has the potential to blow up in the USA.

Duvy has been really consistent with his music, dropping track after track, and his fans can’t wait for him to be finally seen in the rap world.

Duvy has shown all of his haters that he has more to his music than just a good music video, and he has stepped up with dope bars.

Duvy’s music

 He hasn’t stopped since his rise to fame in 2020 with a hit called “NightmareZ”, which now has over one million views.

Before “Demons”, he dropped “Outside”, which now has about 270k views.

Numbers don’t lie, and they say that Duvy is slowly but surely getting the credit he deserves for being an original Toronto rapper.

If “Demons” goes well on the charts, maybe we can expect an album from the rising star.

Check out Duvy’s new music video for “Demons” above on this page.

Leave a comment down below if you think this is one of his coolest tracks so far.

Quotable lyrics:

“Better D up got my heater

Been through the cold, yeah, winter ain’t freeze up (Ain’t freeze up)

Bitch trippin’ tryna do relations, Nah, bitch, better eat up

Pеrky got me hittin’ in the morning (Morning)

Like a rеlay we on him”