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Casper TNG – SeaSick ft. Burna Bandz

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Casper TNG ft. Burna Bandz – SeaSick

On 7. 12. 2021. Casper TNG released a video for the song “SeaSick” featuring Burna Bandz, and it’s available on the OfficialCasperTNG YouTube channel.

After a rollercoaster of troubles, it was uncertain if Casper TNG would make a new release.

He had some legal troubles, and he shared with fans that his new music was in jeopardy.

However, the rapper managed to drop the long-awaited song “SeaSick,” showing once more that he is a guy who doesn’t give up.

He joins forces with Burna Bandz, who most of you are familiar with since he has dominated the scene in the last years.

In the song, you can hear the complexity of the rapper’s life and his undeniable talent for music.

The background is filled with a harmonious piano melody and rhythmical beats produced by Harmonics.

The music perfectly emphasizes the rappers’ verses, creating an addictive flow.

The camera follows Casper TNG and Burna Bandz hanging out separately, but the music shows that the collaboration is a great match.

However, the main focus is on the story of Casper TNG and his experience of jail and other troubles.

The lyrics are strong and honest, making you connect with the rapper immediately.

The video is high quality and effective, it’s shot by CHUNGSHOTIT.

Check out the video and tell us what you think of the new song in the comments.

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Quotable lyrics:

“All alone in the cell, it’s stress

Thinkin’ the days I was rockin’ a vest

Thinkin’ the days I can hop in the Benz

Bitch, it’s a shame I got locked in the feds”