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Friyie – Fontainebleau Freestyle

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The first and only question the fans have for Friyie is “ Why isn’t the Fontainebleau freestyle longer”?

On 10.4.2021.   the promising rapper Friyie drops a rather  short freestyle that he titled “Fontainebleau”

  His fans went crazy with it, hoping that they will get a longer version soon.

The lyric “It’s the risk for me” is already trending, so his freestyle will definitely not go unnoticed.

The song is catchy and even though it is not long it is very well constructed.

The “Flawless” rapper teased his large fandom with a couple of posts on his Instagram page promoting his new freestyle. A lot of them commented that freestyles are always a risky step, however, Friyie said that he loves risks.

Remember “Money Team”?

The Canadian artist is best known for his hit single “Money Team”, which became the soundtrack to the famous Mayweather vs Conor McGregor press conferences.

 Friyie also collaborated with some top artists like  Roddy Ricch, Torry Lanez, and Rick Ross.

We get that he has nothing to prove, he is just in a chill mood and working on his next projects.

Friyie always tries to deliver a fresh mix of pure flex and some lyrical wisdom, making almost every song both a banger and a well-rounded story for his audience.

Will a new album follow this little project? We will have to just wait and see.

Watch the short but very spicy freestyle “Fontainebleau” in the link below:

If you don’t want to miss out on Friyie’s work go check out his Instagram page:

Quotable lyrics:

“She calling me Jerk, I met her in Tivoli,

said she a nurse, she wanna fix me,

but she from the Middle East,

it’s the risk for me”

Feel free to listen and stream the song above.