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Moula 1st – Trending

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On April 1st, Moula 1st dropped a music video for his track “Trending”, and it has hit 50k views so far. The rapper is flexing his Valentino denim suit in the video, and many more luxurious items can be seen. The track has everything it needs to blow up, from the edgy bars to the flashy video. He mentioned ASAP Rocky and Riri at some point, but there are even better punchlines.

One of the best is, “This ain’t no debit, ya’ll gon regret it, go get some credit, your career look like Anthony Bennett’s”.

The rapper has started a convo about whether or not he dissed Why G in the first lines of his track, but the opinions are divided. The rapper also said that his flow is nasty, and we can’t agree more. The trumpet is another cool addition to the song, and it fits the atmosphere perfectly.

If you are up to hearing something dope today, then don’t skip on Moula’s song “Trending” and hit that music video. 

Moula 1st is always up to something; his visuals are always on point. His talent is out of this world, so we will always support his every move. Some fans think he could have gone even further with this track and the disses; what do you think?

Check out the music video for “Trending” above on this page, and feel free to drop your favourite bar in the comment section below.

Moula 1st doesn’t have an IG, but if you want to support him, you can always leave a comment on his songs on Youtube.

Quotable lyrics:

“Our levels are not even close,

cheers, trending, expending,

bitch expensive, 6 rings about to go 7,

play this shit; that’s my entrance.”