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Pressa – Dead Body ft. Rowdy Rebel




On 05.11.2021, Pressa dropped a music video for “Dead Body with Rowdy Rebel on his YouTube channel.

Fans were waiting eagerly for this collaboration, and it is finally here, and we are thrilled.

Rowdy Rebel was in charge for the first part of the song, and he did an amazing job on the chorus and the first verse.

Rowdy owned the flow throughout the song, with fierce bars and burning energy, and we couldn’t wait to see if Pressa caught on.

However, Pressa jumps onto the second verse, delivers one of his best lines so far, and even shouts out Rowdy.

We love when both artists put their hearts into the song and do their best, and “Dead Body” is definitely one of those songs.

The music video already has around 36K views; Pressa and Rowdy will make this a hit in both America and Canada.

This is Pressa’s introduction to the USA mainstream rap group, and maybe he will continue to strive towards the USA hip-hop stage.

He is very big in Toronto, but he has a unique sound and good songs that can easily get him worldwide performances.

Pressa Armani has a bright future ahead of him, and we will keep up with his every move.

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Check out the music video for “Dead Body” above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics:

“If we spin around your block, Lil” nigga,

don’t play; you know that’s a dead body,

I fell asleep on a dead body,

These bullets they ain’t going for everybody,

I fell in love with the typical; she don’t know what they say about me”.