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Da Crook – Do You Dirty

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On 28.5.2021. Da Crook released a new music video for the song “Do you Dirty which was shot by 88everything.”

The well known Toronto rapper has been announcing the song for some time now, saying that “rappers are in trouble after this one.”

The rising star has gone all out with this high-quality and vibrant music video followed by an icy flow and great bars. The song is definitely a smash for the summer.

Da Crook is known for his lyrical skills, but what surprises many the most is his versatility. The artist jumps from one thing to another and always manages to get the job done.

He has unbelievable energy; his fierce fandom states that he surprises them all over again every time he drops a song.

Who is Da Crook?

The Toronto artist is famous for his hit singles “True Story” and” Dial Tone,” even though he has been in the music industry for over a decade.

First, he has been known by “Killah,” but he has changed his rap name to Da Crook.

Last year he dropped one of his most successful projects- an album called “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.”

The artist says DMX, 50 Cent and Tupac inspired him, and he plans on making a great impact with his music. He wants “music to have substance,” and that will always be his primary goal.

He doesn’t comment on many rumours that he uses auto-tune too much; according to him, he is the main storyteller in the music industry, and others don’t have the right to comment.

Check out Da Crook’s new single above on this page.

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Quotable lyrics: 

“Cause the buss down breaks a lot

Can’t miss a dollar; I’m on everything (I’m on it)

My shooters ain’t missing no shots

When they spin the block, bullets hit everything.”