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OnPointLikeOp – Boom

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On 8.12.2021. OnPointLikeOp dropped a music video for his new track “Boom”. On Point said he dropped the music video as a birthday gift for himself, but now he is surprised by the reactions.

On Point has around 150K views on his music video, and fans are saying he has finally found his flow, and they love the song. Everyone comments how the underdog has risen and that hard work pays off.

The vibe of the track with the cool bar is something that stands out on this track, and the production is definitely on a higher level. He received a lot of criticism for his older songs, but he has shut some mouths with this one.

“Boom” is the beginning of a new chapter for this rapper, and he is scoring numbers. So if you are looking for something fresh to put on your playlist, think about “ Boom”.

The New York rapper is excited for the new energy and the new sounds, and we hope all of his next songs will be as successful. He has already put out a new song, “ Checkers”, which you should check out as well.

On Point has already put something new out; if you want to know everything about it, follow him on his IG page:

Check out On Point’s new music video for “ Boom” above on this page.

Tell us what you think about On Point Like Op’s new wave of music in the comments below.

Quotable lyrics:

“Always on Point, no running up,

burning like a calorie,know why they

mad at me, cause i got that drip, more

than they salary, 40 on my wrist, 50 on my neck, 

tell them to add it up.”