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Rapper Blueface Arrested for Attempted Murder

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Blueface Arrested

Rapper Blueface Arrested for Attempted Murder

Popular artist Blueface has recently been arrested and taken into custody on a charge for attempted murder.

In the parking lot of Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles in Las Vegas, the popular artist was placed under arrest in what appears to be an undercover operation. Witnesses from the scene report six to eight officers waiting for Blueface in unmarked cars outside the restaurant.

Upon exiting the restaurant, the cops swarmed Blueface and placed him in handcuffs. A crowd formed around the scene, including Blueface’s girlfriend Chrisean Rock, with looks of confusion all over their faces over the turn of events.

The officers on the scene reported that they were acting on an open warrant for his arrest for felony charges of attempted murder with a weapon or tear gas. He is also facing charges for discharging a gun into a house, building, or aircraft, though there are no further details released at this time.

His arrest took place on the 8th of October, Croxxings will continue to post details as they develop.