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PoWR Trav, A Producer From New York

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Producer Spotlight: PoWR Trav

Production seems to be shining much more in the hip-hop world over the last decade or so. Names like Madlib, Dr.Dre, Kenny Beats, and Alchemist are all bubbling to the surface of the culture in a way that wasn’t really happening even ten years ago. A true crux of the rap world, the instrumentals are what make or break an artist’s project. Today, we are going to look at a talented up-and-coming producer straight out of New York: PoWR Trav.

PoWR Trav has been living in Long Island all his life. Growing up within a single mother household, PoWR says that his father was there to help out  but it was his mom who really “put the family on her back. Through both his parents PoWR Trav was exposed to his earliest musical memories, through Michael Jackson when he was with his mom and Prince with his dad. This early exposure to musical juggernauts no doubt gave PoWR the foundation of the incredible ear he has today. Influenced by modern artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Pierre Borne, and Metro Boomin, PoWR took to beatmaking as a means of self expression.

Starting to make beats in 2018, this young artist began to upload his instrumentals to YouTube to put himself out in the scene. His very first beat ever uploaded is currently sitting at a cool 600,000 views on the site, showing just how much innate ability PoWR had. His talent has caught the eye of many hip-hop artists, with PoWR Trav holding placements on records by Bobby Shmurda, Bandmanrill, Ciggy Blacc, and many more. He considers his biggest success to date being a track with Lougotcash called “Spin”. Holding millions of listens across the streaming platforms, it’s a real benchmark for the career of this talented producer.

PoWR Trav

PoWR Surge

2022 has seen PoWR Trav take another massive step forward in his artistic life, with the release of his first full-length LP “PoWR Surge”. The record is a gorgeous showcase of not just general production ability, but the sampling prowess and the extremely good ear PoWR Trav processes. Instrumentals on this album feature flips of may current popular tracks such as “Vamp”, a track that reinvents the Playboi Carti classic “Vamp Anthem” with several guest artists including Shawny Binladin, Big GLTAOW, and Big Yaya. “Champaign Party” takes the sample from Drake’s “Champaign Poetry” and turns it into a Pierre-inspired bouncy banger of a track. A real standout on the album for me is the reunion with Lougotcash for “STAR”, which is non-stop bars from that artist for it’s just-over-a-minute runtime. An incredible project all the way through and a real flex of production ability.

PoWR Trav is on Instagram putting in work everyday in his music. Always cooking up fresh beats, this producer is growing his skills all the time and seems to be getting even better with each new release. In his own words “I do music now because I just always love music. There is never a time where there is no music playing”. It is that important to him, so be sure to check out what this man is creating.